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Final Fantasy 7(For all you FF Fanatics) Empty Final Fantasy 7(For all you FF Fanatics)

Post  Quagmire on Tue Jul 07, 2009 12:38 pm

*VERY simple to install. Just mount or burn the image and then install the game. Takes half as much time as the Ultima Edition.
*Doesn't need to be cracked. Just install and play.
*I've personally encoded all of the movies, taking the normally 880mb movies folder down to 300mb. No quality is lost!
*Registry will automatically correct itself upon installation so you don't have to mess with it.
*New character icons from Advent Children.
+Highly improved character models!
+MUCH higher resolutions.
+Tools that will allow you to add more custom stuff to the game.
+A patch that allows you to play as Sephiroth fighting the evil Cloud throughout the game.
+Unlike the other version, this one is completely moddable.

New Character Models
Gallery -
Unless I come up with a better idea later on, this is the final version. I hope all of you enjoy the game, and please say thanks if you download.

Known Issue
There is one problem I noticed after I finished packing and it pretty much is my fault. This mistake can be easily fixed within a couple of seconds by you, though. Click Start>Run>type regedit>Click ok>Expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>Software>Squaresoft, Inc.> then highlight Final Fantasy VII. You'll see some entries to the right. Right next to "AppPath" you'll see it pointing to a directory. The problem is that it has FF7 in the path twice. Edit to look like "\1M Edition\Final Fantasy VII\" and the problem with saving will be fixed.

Password: Warez-bb
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